This procedure uses a Brazilian Plastic Surgery technique that consists of removing the fat/tissue under the skin via lipo, and then the flaccid skin is removed with a scalpel. Since the vital lymph nodes are found in the inner thigh area, simple scalpel excision of the fat/tissue inside the inner thigh has been known to result in the accidental removal or disruption of the lymphatic system which can cause severe swelling, sometimes permanent. However, using the Brazilian technique, the tube (lipo canula) that is used to suction is rounded and so it does not harm the lymph nodes or the blood vessels.

The incision is a T incision in most cases that would end mid-thigh. How far it extends down the thigh, and where the scar is placed, depends on the individual and the amount of skin and tissue to be resected. Unless you have very limited redundant skin, a simple incision and tuck in the groin/panty-line, will not address the lift of the skin properly, leaving you dissatisfied with your results.