Pain… and Pain Relief by Shawn Gallagher BA, BCH

Pain… and Pain Relief by Shawn Gallagher BA, BCH
As humans, we have the capacity to worry about pain that MIGHT happen in the future. And if you’ve ever found yourself worrying – did you notice that it only makes the pain and discomfort worse?Imagine having the ability to think your pain away.

“The biggest pharmacy on the planet is the one between your ears”

Since endorphins were discovered in the 1970s, researchers have been hot on the trail of the biochemical basis of the mind-body interaction. Endorphins are chemically similar to morphine and because they are naturally produced, they are completely safe. According to Sebastian Schulz-Stubner, MD, Ph.D., an anesthesiologist at the University of Iowa, physical changes result in the brain with hypnosis, scientifically explaining why hypnosis is so effectivei.

15 minutes a day

One study enrolled breast cancer patients to do fifteen minutes of hypnosis a day to prepare for surgery. The hypnosis group (as compared to controls) reported the following: 22.1% reduction in local anaesthetic, 33.8% reduction in general anaesthetic, 53.1% reduction in pain intensity and 74.3% less nauseaii.