This procedure will include muscle work if needed. The incision is made low across the hips, belly button opening is cut out, skin is loosened from the fascia up to under the breasts and muscles are tightened by sewing them together and pulling them down. Skin is pulled down, and the excess skin is removed. A new hole is created for the belly button and then you are sewn up across the hips. Generally, the skin that is now at your waist on either side of your belly button, ends up right above the pubic area at the incision site.

Extended Abdominoplasty
This procedure extends the abdominoplasty procedure incision around the waist to help lift the outer thighs somewhat and the extra skin often found on the hips.

LipoAbdominoplasty/Panni/ (Mini TT w/tummy lipo)
(no muscle repair and no belly button replacement) This is an acceptable procedure for those that do not have a lot of “above the waist” skin redundancy and muscles are in good shape. This procedure is less invasive. The same incision is made at the hips in the bikini line, but the muscles are not tightened and the belly button is not replaced. The extra skin or apron is simply pulled down and removed. Lipo is usually needed to sculpt the torso a bit. Note: For those that are post-WLS (massive weight loss) this is usually not an option.

Lower Body Lift/Belt Lipectomy
The Lower Body Lift is the most extensive abdominal procedure. It consists of the tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty combined with the butt lift and the outer thigh lift. An incision is made all the way around the body and ends in a V at the top of the buttocks. It addresses the tummy, the outer thighs and the buttocks all at the same time. It will also help some skin redundancy of the lower back.

Vertical Incision Added to Tummy Tuck or Lower Body Lift
This procedure will help address excess “above the waist” skin redundancy and cinch the waist.

Hernia Repair
This procedure will repair of any hernias located in the abdominal region.

Mons Lift
Sometimes the mons area (pubic area) is addressed solely with the lift involved with the tummy tuck or lower body lift. In most post-weight loss surgery cases, a separate mons lift will be needed.