In the recent years, many “new names” have been given to the traditional liposuction initially developed in France in 1983.

In fact, all this nomenclature serves only to increase the patient’s interest in liposuction. Today, we have for example: liposuction, liposculpture, lipo light, smart lipo, lipo with ultrasound and with laser (which can burn the patient’s skin and cause severe retractions), liposuction with seringa.

All of these procedures have the unique purpose to remodel the patient’s body, no matter which medical devices are performed, and there’s no scientific based work that proves that doing one or another medical device, the lipo will be better.

The result will depend on the surgeon’s ability, the capacity of skin retraction, absence of stretch marks, cellulite and patient’s weight.

Dr. Fabio’s technique is done with canulas that have 3 holes; he always does previous infiltration with physiological serum and adrenalin with the purpose to diminish the patient’s blood loss.