How Hypnosis Works

Discover one of the most powerful techniques that can help you with weight loss, giving up smoking, sleeping better, or simply improving your enjoyment of life in a safe, efficient and effective way.
You can even use hypnosis to uncover memories of past lives stored deep within the subconscious mind, or journey to the time between lifetimes to meet your soul mates – click here to learn more!
All of this is possible – and more – through hypnosis! But how?

Believe it or not, but your “mind” is really made up of two regions: the critical conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

Your critical conscious mind, while the smaller and less powerful of the two, nevertheless acts as a “gatekeeper” that prevents you from communicating directly to your subconscious mind, which is where all of your established patterns, emotions, and beliefs reside.

Based on recent research in cognitive sciences, we now know that by creatively constructing your idealized future, one of health, harmony and even abundance and wealth, your subconscious mind begins the process of laying the foundation of how you can achieve these goals.

The conscious mind can process about 40 bits of information per second; the subconscious mind can process 40 Million bits of information per second! The subconscious processes up to 1 million times more data which means that there is so much happening below the surface of your awareness, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to even have a sense of it.

Hypnosis releases this super concentrated power of your subconscious mind. The process produces a state of physical and mental relaxation, which gently bypasses your mind’s critical consciousness, and allows your subconscious mind to remain open to helpful suggestions.

Why Hypnosis Is So Effective

Most people are unaware that they actually spend most of their time in a state of trance. Since hypnosis and trance can be used interchangeably, you therefore spend most of your time in a form of hypnosis. In fact, you spend over 90% of your day, every day, in this trance state. Hypnosis is therefore a very natural type of experience for you to have.

Every time you engage in an action that you can execute spontaneously, without having to think about it, you are in this state. From tying your shoe laces, to driving, much of what you do every day is done on auto pilot, controlled directly from the subconscious mind. This is a good thing as it frees up the conscious part of your mind to be able to do the things that do require critical thinking. It’s also somewhat of a bad thing because some of these behaviours that run on auto pilot are unhealthy for you.

Given this, it’s no surprise that hypnosis is particularly useful in the areas of losing weight, quitting smoking, managing stress, overcoming phobias, sleep deprivation and self esteem issues, such as public speaking and shyness. Hypnosis also works very well for goal setting, concentration, motivation and so much more! It’s suitable for people of all ages and walks of life, as long as they have no diagnosed mental health conditions such as dissociative identity disorder, paranoia and psychosis. We also require clients to have an IQ above 70 and the ability to focus for the process to work.

The Bottom Line

Hypnosis is a scientific, natural, relaxing and proven way for you to allow your subconscious mind to do the job it was intended to do. There is no surrender of mind or control.  And please remember: a person who does not want to be hypnotized cannot be hypnotized or induced to do or say anything which violates personal standards of behaviour or integrity!

If you are like many of our clients who are still confused by the myths and misconceptions around hypnosis, you may want to look at these scientific studies that prove how effective hypnosis is in helping with many common issues.