Dr. Ana Paula

Dr. Ana Paula is a Brazilian Dentist holding Post-Graduate degrees, experienced in comprehensive restorative dentistry. Because of the rising costs of dental care, many people are seeking high quality dental care at a more affordable price in Brazil. As a result of her excellent skills, Dr. Ana Paula has many satisfied international patients. These patients also enjoyed their stay on the beautiful island of Vitoria, which is surrounded by both the sea and the mountains.

Work Experience – Prosthesis, Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry, Volunteer Professor of the Federal University of Espírito Santos, Dental Whitening Laser Habilitation, American Osseointegration Academy Membership, Volunteer at the Tempora-Mandibular Disfunction Center – Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES).

Education – Graduate Degree in Dentistry (Espírito Santo – Brazil), Specialization in Prosthodentics (Minas Gerais – Brazil), Specialization in Implantodontology (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)