Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

a lot of unwanted baggage has been released

My experience with Tariq has been great and I find a lot of unwanted baggage has been released. Expectations of myself are no longer controlled by external influences. There is no such thing as a magic pill for a perfect life but being at peace with oneself is close to any utopia. I recommend hypnosis to anyone that wants personal growth and especially healing.

D.P. – Toronto

a warm and welcoming place

My experience as a client at the OHC was so successful that I became a student and then a practicing hypnotist. To learn and master one of the most powerful healing tools available, I highly recommend the Ontario Hypnosis Centre – a warm and welcoming place to learn and grow indeed!

Elizabeth Rose, BFA, CIM, CH, Speaker & Author of the book 'Diamond Lantern'

something I had wished for a long time

A few months ago I was going through a lot of stresses, fears, anxiety and distress. I had also suffered from a strong fear of being sick and it was concentrated in the pit of my stomach. It felt like it got bigger everyday. I realized I had to find a way out of this so I started asking my friends hoping someone could give me a suggestion. It was through a friend that I heard about Tariq and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. I met Tariq and told him about my fears, how I was stressed with work, relationship and just my state of being and he said he could help. We met and I started having sessions. I was not a “believer” in hypnosis and the first session was a bit tense with me crying a lot. But sitting in the chair I remember I could not believe what was happening. First I was amazed that Tariq was able to make me feel light, something I had wished for a long time. It seemed like all my stresses were not as important as before, I did not care as strongly. I mean I knew I still had these issues to deal with, but now I knew deep inside that, little by little they would be resolved. I was also surprised how the sessions helped me mend my relationship with my mom. We could never really talk before, it was always difficult, but now it was so much easier! I believe Tariq did a great deal for me. I mean it took 5 sessions and I was doing so well already! I still do have some anxiety once in a while, but it does not remain with me like it used to. Now I don’t overreact or let my emotions get the better of me. And the fear in the pit of my stomach is gone! Tariq’s ability to talk to you in a calm and professional way, and his judgement free approach, helped me reveal and speak about and release a lot of things that were hard for me to do before.

Jackie M

more than understanding and powerful hypnotherapists

I had hypnosis sessions at the OHC and they were more than understanding and powerful hypnotherapists. I was impressed to see how efficient they were in understanding where the root of my issues were coming from and helped me target the areas we needed to work on. We did not use any psychotherapy as the work is mainly based on hypnosis only. We monitored the level at which my life issues affected me until it was zero! I was able to see things differently afterwards. It was a life transforming experience and I am very glad I looked into those issues that had long affected my life.

On another note, I find the staff at the Centre to be totallly professional, caring and very dedicated.

Maria H.

find my way back to myself and my own power

Where do I start? My fear didn’t make any sense. I’ve been blessed with being able to contact people that have passed on, but still I couldn’t board a plane without high anxiety.

I avoided vacations and when I did go, I spent most of the day worrying about the upcoming flight. My anxiety would start on the drive to the airport and by the time I boarded the plane, it was at it’s peak. Nothing comforted me and I suffered until we landed.

Last September, I was torn because my daughter was living in England and just had my first grandbaby. After asking me for months to come and see her, I finally booked a flight. I had no idea how I was going to handle it.

Then I found my way to the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. I had 3 sessions scheduled before I left, one on the day of the flight. I took my CD with me and boarded the plane with confidence. I not only enjoyed the flight, but when the seatbelt sign was off, I felt comfortable enough to walk around the cabin, use the washroom and snooze with my seatbelt and shoes off.
There was a small sensation of concern during turbulence and I played my CD. A couple of hours before landing, I burst out laughing.

At the end of my session, I was asked If I was ready to let go of this fear and we “negotiated” the release. I ended up agreeing that I would keep 20% of my fear for a period of 30 days! Ah, the mind is a wonderful and powerful tool.

Thank you, Ontario Hypnosis Centre for helping me find my way back to myself and my own power. I am free to plan my next visit to my daughter.

Pam Del Franco, CH.t., S.S.W.,

Highly recommended

The past life regression session I experienced at The Ontario Hypnosis Centre was an amazing experience I would recommend to anyone interested in getting a glimpse of their past life /lives. Without professionally trained and experienced hypnotherapist help- it would have taken me a lot more work to discover what I did, on my own. Highly recommended for those individuals who want to get in touch with themselves or to rediscover their life’s lessons and inner messages.

Kristina V, Vancouver/Ireland

something inside of me has changed for the better

It was one of the most powerful experience I have ever had in my life. Definitely something inside of me has changed for the better. It confirms everyday to me.

Marcio Mendes

changed me for the better

I think I only truly realized today – just now in fact, how much you have changed me for the better…. I feel calm in the middle of stress wondering how I can be so non-neurotic on the eve of 4 or 5 very important meetings with investment bankers…. I thank you!

R.N., Toronto


I’m thrilled to report NO FIBROMYALGIA symptoms. I thank you daily and ask all the spirits to bless you. Thanks again.

R.S. North York

wake up each morning with excitement

I don’t know how or why, but I now wake up each morning with excitement and looking forward to the day ahead of me. I’ve even booked a holiday for the summer. I can now travel and not worry about it.

J.K., Art Director, Toronto


What cigarettes? Don’t even think about them anymore!

F. Shotten. Sales, Toronto

Feels great

The irritation and the anger’s gone. Feels great!

J.Arolli, Teacher, Etobicoke

It really worked!

I never believed I could turn down the sound in my head. It really worked!

G. Greene, Architect