This procedure raises the buttocks and often the outer thighs. It is rare to perform this procedure separately from the lower body lift unless the patient has already had a tummy tuck. This procedure may address some of the skin redundancy on the lower back as the incision is made at about the waist.

Inverted Butt Lift
This procedure addresses very adequately, those that have buttocks that are droopier or have loose skin at the base of the butt (rather than the low back/ top of butt) and the heavy saddle bags at the outer thighs. The incision can be combined with a LBL a TT, and/or an Inner thigh lift, so they meet. The basically begins at the top of the inner groin and comes around and under the butt and the loose skin is resected there. The incision can be extended (via extra skin resection) to continue up and around the outer thighs more at the top of the outer thighs (hip joint area) so that the saddle bags can be addressed better than with the Lower Body Lift or Extended Tummy Tuck. This procedure tends to make the butt slightly more rounded and some tissue can be “molded” into the butt at the base at the incision.

Brazilian Butt Lift
This is a procedure that uses lipo’d fat from other regions of your body and it is injected into the buttocks, shaping them, giving them better definition and filling in where needed. Sometimes the fat is reabsorbed into the body, but generally this area preserves it well.

Insertion of Gluteus Implants
The Gluteus (Butt) implants are inserted through an incision made in the crack of the butt at the top, rendering it virtually invisible. Silimed Silicone Implants are used. http://www.silimed.com/pdf/body_contour.pdf

Butt Flap Technique
If there is enough excess tissue, the butt may be augmented using the patient’s tissue. The patient can sit after one week after the surgery is done, and this is because the flap is placed on the upper half of the butt, so when the patient sits, he/she doesn’t sit on the flap.